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Displaying a collection

Many fashion lovers are collectors, its only natural that one particular item will keep calling to you. Perhaps it is shoes, maybe silk scarfs or perhaps jewellery gets you reaching for your wallet? Whatever it is why keep your collection of style hidden away in drawers or carefully tucked away on a behind-the-door rack?  You have spent considerable time and…

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Made to measure

Shopping for your next great outfit just got a whole lot more couture, no longer do you need to deal with ill fitting dresses, blouses the gape or trousers that fit in the hips but not in the waist. It is a frustration that many women deal with when shopping on the high street, each shop has slightly, or even,…

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Winter Coat Styles

Dark and stormy nights call for appropriate outerwear because there is nothing worse than being unprepared for the elements. Finding stylish winer coats can seem daunting as you hunt for that perfect coat or jacket that will keep you warm and dry without sacrificing style.  An important place to start when you are looking for the perfect style for you…

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